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Profiles of members of the Ottawa Valley Cat Club

Christine Romeo   by Betty Nygaard King   October 25, 2010

Christine Romeo is a federal public servant who attended her first Ottawa Cat Show in 2009 and quickly became hooked on the world of cats.

“The Ottawa Cat Show was the very first cat show I attended, and I haven’t stopped since. It’s an awesome experience,” Christine said in an interview.

Christine’s passion for cats began on the farm where she grew up helping care for the pet cats there. After raising her family and concentrating on her career, she decided to take up a hobby as a gift to herself and as a way to make new friends. It seemed a natural progression that her choice of hobby would be to purchase her first purebred cat, a male Ragdoll of a coat colour called Blue Lynx Bi-Color. His full name is Lions Royale “Bo Soleil.” On advice Christine also joined the Ottawa Valley Cat Club, which mounts the annual Ottawa Cat Show. Christine then travelled with Bo Soleil to his first cat show, at Laval, Quebec.

“It was such a fun experience,” Christine declared. “The Ottawa Valley Cat Club members held my hand through the showing process and shared their experience and knowledge with me. They taught me how to brush a long-haired cat, how to clean his ears and clip his claws, the differences between the kinds of brushes and combs. I’m still learning little tricks about how to groom and care for my cat.” Bo Soleil has now won numerous ribbons at cat shows.

“I would recommend to anyone starting out showing a cat that they join a club such as the Ottawa Valley Cat Club. It’s a great club for anyone who is interested in cats, whether you have a purebred cat or household pets.”

2010 marks the first time Christine will enter Lions Royale Bo Soleil in the Ottawa Cat Show.

Christine said, “The fun part is seeing all your investment and hard work pay off when your cat wins ribbons. I am so proud when Bo Soleil does well, especially knowing that the cats he competes against are the very best.”

Christine Romeo’s first experience at the Ottawa Cat Show has become a family affair. Her daughter Natanya, a 22-year-old university student, plans on showing a Cornish Rex kitten. Christine has also set up a website,, to document her experiences with her cats and to offer advice to other cat-owners on how to care for their pets.

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